Is Playing Rummy Legal In India?

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Did You Know? Online Rummy Legal In India

Indian Rummy is an extremely popular card game originating from India and popular all over the world. It is 100% legal in India. It is a game full of excitement and suspense and can be played for cash or without cash. There are hundreds of platforms which offer rummy games on their websites and apps for users to engage in. Many of the platforms are highly rated and pride themselves to be safe, secure, and being 100% above board legally. 

The Honorable Indian Supreme Court has declared rummy as being perfectly legal as it is declared ‘a game of skill’ rather than ‘a game of betting’. Rummy requires players to be alert, be able to count cards, have a keen observation and memory to remember opponents’ moves in order to consistently win. Thus, the game can be won by a skilled player and is not just a pure-chance game. This is the reason why the Honorable Supreme Courts judgement clearly defines Indian rummy as a legal game even when played with the intention of winning cash. 

There is usually also some concern among new players about safety and fairness of online rummy games. The many rummy platforms available online are not only above board legally but are also safe and secure. When you log on to a rummy platform, check for the encryption details (128 bit SSL encryption) which indicates that your information and cash are completely secure. In addition fairness can be checked by a platform’s certifications for random number generator and IP address tracking to ensure the same player is not cheating the system by playing as two players on the same table. Most platforms use existing trusted payment gateways such as PayU, PayTM, and Razorpay. In addition most platforms also offer 24*7 player support services, should anything still go wrong.

If you are a new player, focus on observing the game of other players  and pick up the tips and tricks to slowly master your skills. If you are an expert at offline rummy and already play with friends and family, your transition to online rummy will be smooth. What is more, there is no scope for cheating or bending the rules in online rummy as all players have to strictly abide by the game rules. If you are sceptical at first you can choose to play online rummy without cash and gradually move towards playing for real cash. 


So, players, you can be completely worry free when you log on to a platform like RummyPassion to start your tryst with the amazing game of Rummy. This popular game is 100% legal in India and all popular platforms offer safety encryption, certified random number generators, IP detection, as well as ensure fair gameplay by all players online. For more on recommended apps, you can read online articles on Which Rummy Apps You Should Download. Start playing now and win some good bonuses and cash prizes!