Improvement in care of patients

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Mobiles apps allow patients to keep track of their doctor’s appointments, food intake, heart rate and exercise, and health and fitness apps now offer customised solutions by tracking what people are eating as well as their level of activity.

Some new apps allow patients to upload their prescriptions and get medicines delivered to the door – saving time and money on costly pharmacy visits – whereas others allow doctors to communicate directly with patients and keep track of their vital parameters.

Radiofrequency technology allows doctors to keep track of the real-time location of patients along with their vitals and temperature. This makes the patient accessible to a doctor in the case of emergencies.

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Modern developments in technology such as 3D printing has also revolutionised care for patients – it can be used to create hearing aids, dental devices and prosthetics – and virtual reality devices can be used by doctors to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression in the elderly and mental illness patients.

Other blockchain in medicine such as robotic surgical procedures have minimised the chances of mistakes during surgeries.

Electronic records

Today, digital technology gives us more security and freedom compared to the days of paper records.

From lab reports to hospital stay details and prescriptions – everything can now be stored digitally. This also means that accessing information is much easier. Your digital medical records are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

Digital health technology also facilitates information sharing and collaboration between hospitals and labs, as well as allowing the future of healthcare professionals to access information related to patient allergies even if the patient is unconscious.