How to wear your shirt?

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If I could only carry one shirt for the rest of my life, then I would choose my dad’s gifted oxford shirt. It works as a cover-up of a beach shirt, blouse for the office, top for going out, and even a Halloween costume of makeshift. Not only is the very decent button-down the most versatile piece in my wardrobe, but it’s also nothing but boring when you know how to carry the article and how to carry it with other articles to pair with.

Here I am going to share a list of different styles for button-down shirts. Read on the article to get the information:

Shirt as a Crop top: Tucked your shirt in and open up the button, this outfit is ready for boarding, tied up and unbuttoned, you can go for a night out. This is the outfit you can use to transit easily from tonight.

Shoulder off shirt: Another easy way to make your woman’s shirt look enjoyable for your evening is by not hooking up the few tops of the buttons of the shirt and sliding it off slightly by your shoulders. Do a half-tuck into your favourite pair of denim and make it your extraordinary night.

Pantsuit pair: A pantsuit is the old shirt’s natural habitat. You can pair it with a set of plaid matching with it, it will feel more modern and stylish but just as crisp, making it satisfying for creative and conservative offices alike.

Go Upgrade: If you’ve been carrying out your loving classic oxford, consider investing in an alternative of high-fashion look. Look for one that characteristic some of the classic features with an interesting block colour, twist, or exaggerated sleeves. Pair it with some simple slacks with wide-lag, a bag with top handle block heels, and never look back.

Let it be in shape: We love how this outfit takes all the pieces of classic and gives them a bold edge, quirky. The pair of pants characteristics an outstanding fit, but the floral embellishment makes them playful and refreshing look; the mules step settle a notch with a bold look, and the unbuttoned styling gives the common shirt an informal look.