How To Make Christmas Special For Expecting Moms

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Ah, the holidays. People seem to be kinder during this time of the year. Nights grow longer and the breeze becomes colder, too. With all these elements coming into play — coupled with pregnancy woes that make the road to motherhood become more challenging yet fulfilling — this season can be such an emotional period for expecting mothers.

Husbands, children (if it’s not the mom’s first pregnancy), relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. All these people have a role to play in making sure pregnant women feel they’re extra special this Christmas season. And one of the simplest things that can be done is by giving them sweets and gifts (e.g. A pregnancy ornament).

Here are 11 gift ideas you can use to bring warmth to the hearts of expecting moms this holiday season.

Pregnancy ornaments. Photo frames. Holiday-inspired decorative pieces.Gifts as simple as a pregnancy ornament can speak volumes of love, especially when engraved with your own personal message for the expecting mother.

Maternity clothes. Nothing gets as practical as quality maternity clothes. Choose ones that fit the expecting mother’s size, style, and design preferences. Also, make sure that the clothes you will give are comfortable to wear.

Adjustable sandals. The truth is even an expecting mom’s feet will appear larger. To help her feel more comfortable, why not give her a pair of sandals or slippers that are adjustable?

Pregnancy pillow. Mothers know how tiresome and restless it can be to carry a child in the womb. This Christmas, make expecting moms extra loved through a pregnancy pillow that can help ease the pain they experience.

Neck heat wrap. Speaking yet again of comfort, this gift item is sure to bring warmth to any expecting mom especially during this cold, holiday season.

Maternity support belt. It can be quite difficult for pregnant women to move around, particularly during a busy period like the holiday season. Giving support belt as a Christmas present is both moving and practical.

Temperature-regulated bottle. An insulated bottle is a versatile gift for expecting mothers. Whether they want to refresh themselves with cold beverages or warm themselves by sipping hot chocolate — having this kind of bottle by their side will do the trick.

Reading materials. From self-help books on pregnancy to taking care of babies, there are a lot of reading materials that can be very helpful especially if the recipient is a first-time mother.

Pregnancy journal. Apart from giving a pregnancy ornament, gifting something as simple as a pregnancy journal is also an endearing gesture — particularly if the expecting mother is quite the sentimental type.

Fitness and health-monitoring devices. Women want to get back in shape after giving birth. Through these techy devices, you are actually giving them that much-needed motivation to accomplish their post-pregnancy goals.

Pampering set. There are several challenges that come with pregnancy. And most expecting moms tend to forego looking after themselves for the sake of their babies. Through a present like this one, you can remind them that it’s important as well for them to take care of themselves.

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