How the California Hotel Industry has been Affected by Covid

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Life was smooth and free-flowing up until two years ago. Everything was going normally, people were going to the office, children were seen playing around at the parks; everything was in the way they were supposed to be. One fine morning, the entire mankind woke up to a piece of terrible news! There’s a pandemic around! COVID, a term that was unknown to human civilization up until January 2020. According to the experts, the COVID pandemic had sprayed at a much faster rate than the last one that had had its impact on human civilization; Spanish flu. What made COVID so dangerous is the fact that it comes with different variants and does not show any early symptoms. The COVID Callcenter situation has brought about a drastic change in the entire world. All the industries came to a standstill, many countries experienced a downslide in their economy.

Talking of Covid’s impact on different industries, the one that has suffered the most is the hotel industry. The fact that restrictions were imposed on traveling, affected the hotel industry very seriously. In the state of California, this particular sector has suffered the most. California is the biggest state in the USA and earns billions of dollars every year from the hotel industry. However, this time around, things were different. The big players in the industry who has a significant amount of resources to sustain managed to survive and gradually they are overcoming the losses which they had to suffer. However, when it comes to medium-sized and small-scaled hotels, sadly, many of them had collapsed. As far as California hotels covid is concerned, things became even more difficult with the arrival of the second wave.

What exactly has been the ramifications post-COVID-19? 

As far as the consequences are concerned, it can be summed up in one single sentence. There has been a massive loss in terms of financial aspects. As mentioned, many small-scaled hotels had to shut down, as they were not in a position to sustain the expenses of running a hotel without any significant earnings flowing in. Besides, thousands of people who were engaged and employed in the hotel industry had to lose their job. As far as retrenchment is concerned, even those who worked at big hotels had to go through this trauma. Therefore, it could be said that COVID has not only impacted the overall growth and prosperity of the hotel industry in the state of California, but at the same time, it has also left a very serious impact on those who were involved with this particular industry and affected at a micro-level.

Has the situation improved? 

Thankfully, over the last couple of months, the situation has improved a little bit. With the introduction of the vaccine, there is a ray of hope among the administration and in common people. Millions in the United States have already been vaccinated, and as a result, normalcy to a certain extent has been restored. However, certain restrictions are still imposed and things are not as smooth as they used to be. According to the experts, it would take at least another couple of years for things to settle down, and for total restoration of normal services.

Are you a hotelier? Have you lost your job during COVID? If you are among one of those many unfortunate ones, in that case, there is good news. As slowly but surely normalcy is getting restored, the hotel industry in the state of California is gradually starting to recruit new staff. This has opened up fresh job opportunities, and it is expected that the massive financial loss people had to suffer due to the loss of jobs in the hotel industry would gradually get compensated.

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