Here is how wearing a smartwatch can make you less productive day by day

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The future of marketing: Thriving in a digital world

The market of the watches and clocks has really gone into some tremendous changes throughout the course of years. Even decades ago, many companies started to shift from an analog clock to the digital ones. Now, the smartwatches are out there in the market, and are in huge demand. These companies have promoted their smartwatch product as something that could make people more productive. However, the reality is totally different. A smartwatch can end up making you less productive by distracting you every time you look at it. Due to its connectivity with your smartphone, it can give you every small update on to your wrist. This feature might able to make the notifications accessible to you more easily. But will also distract you a lot from your work resulting in making you less productive.

It’s time to go old fashion and own a good looking counterfeit traditional watch:

There is no modern watch in the market that could replace a traditional watch. There is a reason that watch manufacturing companies which are big in the game are still sticking to manufacturing the traditional watches. Fortunately, you can get a good counterfeit watch AAA class[นาฬิกาเกรดaaa, which is the term in Thai] at a really surprising low price. Nobody would be able to tell that you are wearing a fake. It will also help you to be more organized as you will look at the time more often now because of its look after owning it.

This is how a watch will help you to leave an impression on others:

There is a reason why people go all nicely dressed up in a meeting. The reason behind this is that they want to leave a good impression on to their clients. There is no reason that you should not consider doing the same. With a counterfeit watch, while saving the money, your impression will not get any less because of it being fake. You will be astonished by how paying attention to such small things could really help you win the big deals.