Great and perfect ideas for decorating small bathrooms at affordable prices

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Creativity and better use of space help to make the environment more pleasant. The typical concept of large houses is gone. As the space is compromised in homes, the bathroom is usually one of the forgotten environments in the decoration. But precisely because of the size, any change makes a huge difference, whether in the replacement of the floor or even in the arrangement of furniture and accessories.

Check out some simple bathroom remodeling ideas to make small bathrooms prettier.

Enjoy the walls

The walls of small bathrooms are precious spaces. Take the opportunity to place niches and shelves. Just note if there is a need to decrease the depth so as not to generate discomfort within the space. If the space is already small, light tones on the floor and also on the walls favor the spaciousness of the bathroom. Small spaces can be optimized with sliding doors, as they don’t consume space when opening. The tip applies to both cabinet doors, such as the box and the bathroom door itself.

Bathroom closet

The cabinet under the sink is very welcome in small spaces, as it accommodates many objects hiding the mess. They can only be part of the bottom of the tub or wider spaces. If you’re not a fan of cabinets or think they’re too heavy, you can replace them with shelves. The glass ones always give a lighter aspect, both due to their transparency and thickness. If your bathroom has closet or shelves, know that there is also a very valuable space there. It’s worth decorating with flowers or designing cabinets and shelves for greater use.

Mirrors and light

Besides being extremely functional in the bathroom, mirror composition expands the area. Natural light is ideal, but if it is not possible, choose lighting that gives more visibility and overcomes the absence of natural light. Great tip for those on a tight budget, but want to give the bathroom more charm: choose Foyr Neo interior design software to design each corner according to the budget, and style.

Organization is everything in small bathrooms

Organizer boxes are the key for small environments and are already available on the market in various shapes, sizes and in various colors. If you can’t find the transparent ones (which favor the visualization of the contents), make identification tags, which make everyday life easier. Brackets, hooks and boxes can be fixed to the inside of cabinets and cabinets to accommodate dryer and other accessories.

Crates on the wall

With the reuse of wooden crates and pallets, finding them is not the most difficult task. A coat of varnish solves your problem and composes an exclusive shelf. In confined spaces, all attention is lacking. When choosing towel racks, keep an eye on their depth and the space they will occupy to prevent people from bumping into these items. Wire-frame shelves facilitate air circulation, viewing items and are easily positioned. In the absence of space, it is worth taking advantage of the sink support as a towel rack. If there is no space for a plastic laundry basket, the fabric solution is perfect. It keeps everything organized.