Emergency Restoration Service Lakewood CO: Boarding Up, Cleanup And Replacement

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There is a wide range of disasters that could prompt a household to seek out an emergency restoration service Lakewood CO. It could be a case of a fire outbreak, a situation of flood, hurricane, and so on. Often times, however, these disasters do not just happen in isolation.

 A fire outbreak, for instance, could also mean that water damages remediation would have to be carried out alongside the fire damage repairs as a result of an effort to put out the fire. Flood, on the other hand, could also mean mold if proper care is not taken. 

In times like this, there is a rush to get repairs underway as soon as possible so that the affected family can get back to their lives fully and thus the need for emergency restoration service Lakewood CO. However, in particular cases whereby the disaster has caused an opening in the building, you might first have to call on emergency board up services in other to protect your home from further damages that could be caused by the weather and other foreign bodies.

Boarding Up

Before the actual boarding can commence, you must first determine the extent of protection required, i.e., the extent of exposure that your home has suffered. Next, you figure out the sort of material that would be needed. The materials used will depend on the area that is exposed.

Boarding up is a process that involves the procurement of specific materials and the use of a particular toolset. It is thus not a job for the regular house owner but for professionals who offer emergency restoration service Lakewood CO.

Emergency restoration service Lakewood CO are meant to be holistic in nature and as such are meant to take care of all the damages that a disaster has wrought on a home at once. Basically this process entails cleanup and replacement.


Depending on the sort of disaster that the crew is working on, specialized tools will be used to perform a thorough cleanup of the entire affected area or home as the case might be.  Cleanup could entail completely drying out water from the property in the event that there is a flood disaster or making sure that the house is smoke and soot free if it was a fire disaster.

While this might sound easy, it is advised that you don’t undertake the job yourself. This is because major disasters could have weakened the structural integrity of the building and anyone without the experience to navigate such building might do so at the risk of sustaining massive injuries or losing his life.


This is usually one of the last steps to offering an emergency restoration service Lakewood CO. At this point, everything that has been completely damaged by the disaster would have been cataloged and disposed of. The crew will thus procure and replace all necessities so that the remediation process can be completed.

Sometimes, a whole section of the house might have been compromised. The crew then set to work by tearing it down and building it afresh. Only then, can safety be once again guaranteed.