Doormat: Areas of Application for Doormats

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A doormat can be applied in a house, car, office etc., its purpose is to be clear whether it is indoor or outdoor doormat? Whichever material can be used (rubber, coconut, bamboo, etc.)?

Certain dimensions or shapes (e.g., half-round) can also be entered in the search field in online shops. This gives you more precise results, and you no longer have to sort them out. This makes it easier to compare products because the selection of floor mats is immense.

  • Dimensions and Weight of Floor Mats


You have probably already measured the entrance area and know the maximum dimensions of your doormat. Popular sizes are 60 × 90 cm and 120 × 180 cm. They are also available to order in completely different lengths and widths. If nothing fits your ideas, it will be a made-to-measure doormat. An individual production by a professional allows you to realize all your wishes.


We find the weight relevant for the reason that a very light doormat tends to slip away. Even if it is made of rubber or has a rubberized underside, it should weigh a few hundred grams.


  • Thickness and Material of Floor Mats


When it comes to the material for a doormat like commercial rubber floor mats, you choose natural or artificial fibers. Many offer a long life despite intensive use. Bamboo and coconut mats are recommended for nature lovers. By the way, the wooden doormat is not aimed at your house entrance but the bathroom area. In such a case, you want to find out more about bath mats. The thickness or height of a doormat determines how much dirt it can absorb. Long fibers also clean shoes better than short ones. Please note, however, that it may still be necessary to open your front door above the mat.


  • Design and Colors of Floor Mats


You are spoiled for choice because floor mats can no longer be surpassed in terms of individuality. First, decide on the essential shade. Instead of a simple black with gray or a strong red? Many online shops offer to sort by color. Now the desired pattern follows. Most doormats say “Welcome” or a funny saying. Cats and dogs are also popular as imprints. They make it clear that animals also live here. Alternatively, some manufacturers also offer you the doormat with a photo—idea for the personal touch.


When it comes to design, the majority fall back on a rectangular model. Semicircular floor mats with coconut or bamboo trim look chic. Around it is a braid made of rubber, which completes the shape. For the very creative: You could also order a simple doormat and then design it yourself. Let a professional advise you on how to hand-color certain materials.