Did You Know How They Make Your Custom Shirts?

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Customising your favourite things, never get old. From buying personalised stuff from online stores to designing your custom made shirts, the hype is trending. Why not when you can print anything you wish and either keep it for you or gift someone close.

There are a lot of websites out there on the Internet who does sell custom apparels of various styles and designs. But, did you ever wonder how do they make out such beautiful end-products? Perhaps, you did not do. This article is all about that, so give it a go.

·         The Screen Printing Method

The most common method of them all, companies use this mostly because customers seem to love it. This process is famous because it gives the best output. The colour accuracies are perfect unless you ask them to print some rainbow-like stuff. Customers love it the most as they produce the print with an impressive effect that amazes them. This method is perfect for bulk printing of customised shirts.

·         The DTG Method

The Direct to Garment or DTG method is almost like the Screen Printing Method but is slightly different. It is also famous among hobbyists because it does not require professional help. Having a slight bit of knowledge of the process and having skills will make you create your own shirt. The DTG Method is like printing something on a paper; the only difference being is that there is fabric instead of a paper.

·         The Dye Sublimation Method

This is a rather complex process and only experts can manage to do it. The Dye Sublimation process goes well on light fabric clothes. It works the best in Polyester fabrics as the dye soaks in those fabrics faster than it does anywhere else. However, you cannot try it on your own, unlike the DTG Method, as the person needs to know the Dye Sublimation procedure.

·         The Heat Press Printing Method

When the custom shirt makers get small orders, this is the process that they use. It is the most cost-effective process as well as it gets the job done too. This process also saves a lot of time and is considerably easy. If you are familiar with sticker tattoos, then you will understand the process well.

Customised shirts or any other apparel is getting more and more famous day by day. These are a few of the steps on how they make those.