Creating A Welcoming Space With Eclectic Decorating Pieces

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Proper interior design is both one of the easiest and hardest activities people can immerse themselves in. When done right, interior design is an expression of one’s true personality. In fact, one might even say that self-discovery is an important part of interior design. However, there’s a difficult aspect of this process. One often needs what is essentially a running start before everything will begin to fall into place. But there are methods to ensure this happens.

One of the best is by starting out with particular decorating pieces. For example, consider someone who has a deep desire to create a welcoming space inside her home. Her first step would be to look for local talent to help this process. As such, if she lived in Mansfield she’d want to peruse options for interior decorating Mansfield. When investigating interior decorating Mansfield options she’d find a few things. The first is professionals who could help guide her along the way. And the second are sources for some of the ideas she might have in mind.

This leads to the suggestions which experts would most likely have for her. And chief among these is the best style to suit her needs. Someone with her view and end goal would be advised to try a more eclectic type of design. The eclectic style is basically a way of mixing and matching elements to create a singular whole. This relates heavily to the idea of interior design as self-expression too.

However, it’s important to note that eclectic design isn’t a random mix of everything which might happen to catch one’s eye. Again, one should consider the example of self-expression. Any person is a wonderful mix of different elements. But ultimately all of these elements work together smoothly as a singular whole. One might have a hard time describing how elements work together to form a personality. But anyone will be able to recognize it. And this is what one should strive for with eclectic design. It should create a singular whole. But at the same time, all of these elements should come together to highlight one’s various traits and interests.

An easy way to do this is by controlling the color palette. The types of material an object is composed of matter much less than the color. For example, one can easily mix wood and plastic as long as their colors are compatible.

However, one should give some thought to the overall color theme. Multiple colors are best used in somewhat muted themes. If one wants an overall brighter motif than it’s best to go with a single thematic color as the overarching rule. Of course, that doesn’t mean everything needs to be that particular color. Instead, it means that one should attempt to use that color as the main reference point. One might also try to work around this idea by using a neutral color tone as the base. From here one could use stronger saturated colors to accent it.

The walls are an easy choice as they should remain somewhat plain. The intent for walls is to act as a framing device for furniture and accessories. It’s important to try matching the size, material, and color of the furniture. This is one of the harder parts of an eclectic style because there are fewer firm rules to work with. For example, even within these rules, one will often find that two pieces of furniture with seemingly disparate colors can work together if they share the same style. With other items, the color might be more important than the style. It’s largely a matter of experimentation. But at the same time, that’s part of the fun once one gets into the proper spirit.