Cost for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation.

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There are different types of alcohol rehabilitation programs accessible to individuals seeking help to overcome addiction to alcohol. The pros and cons of each alcohol rehab center should be thoroughly evaluated. The plan that best meets the needs of the individual and their specific condition should be selected. If one chooses a program, one of the first questions that they should think about is, “how much does a drug rehab cost?”

People also who have a mental illness should look for alcohol rehab centers that offer dual diagnosis treatment. These specific programs will treat alcohol addiction while also addressing any co-occurring psychiatric diseases.

The most intense forms of treatment are administered through residential programs that provide around-the-clock care. Still, they need to move into the alcohol rehab center and staying for the duration of therapy (typically 30-90 days).

A basic form of long-term residential treatment is the therapeutic community. This self-supporting and democratically run residence supports abstinence and recovery from alcohol use through programmed lengths of stay that are often between 6-12 months.1 Members of the staff also typically reside within the community, and according to some surveys, more than half of therapeutic community staff members are in recovery.

Indifference to residential treatment, outpatient alcohol rehab programs are designed to allow individuals to live at home while receiving treatment. This decreases the interference to daily responsibilities involving work, school, and family.

What is an Intervention?

Some individuals with alcoholism are aware of the disease and the risks it can cause. But some people with alcoholism remain convinced that the condition is not severe, or that it can be handled through willpower and strength. These people may require a conversation about addiction and its outcomes before they will agree to get treatment. That conversation is known as an intervention.

Some families handle this talk informally, sitting down as a group without preparation or outside support. But some families hire outside help, so they can both know what alcoholism is and how to persuade the person to get care. These families may incur charges as they plan so they should account for these costs, even as they ask themselves the question: how much does a drug rehab cost?

A flat fee for an intervention may be between $2,500 and $10,000. But there are other costs the family might be asked to pay, including payments for room and board for the person running the intervention. If the professional running the interference is asked to transport the person to care about the talk is through, there may be more costs involved.

What is Medical Detox

Sometimes, the injury from persistent alcohol abuse can linger long after the last drink has been ingested. Medical detox programs combine medical therapies with physical support to get sober without falling ill and resorting to a return to alcohol use and abuse.

As part of medical detox programs, teams look for signs of complicated withdrawal, which the U.S. National Library of Medicine can be described by:

  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Agitation
  • Confusion

If and when they appear, the proper therapies are administered to alleviate the distress. Once the program is finished, the person is escorted to some form of rehab to continue the healing process.

So, how much does a drug rehab cost, particularly. Families willing to pay for detox out of pocket might be expected to pay between $500-650 per day, and programs can last for several days.