Choose The Essential Solutions for Vitamins You Need to Intake

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Urban pollution primarily attacks the skin, and can be the cause of oxidative damage. It accelerates its aging and disrupts its functioning, which promotes skin cancer (basal cell). Go for the right Vitamin intake now with the use of the iherb ph now.

The Summertime Options

In summer, pollution peaks are often associated with an increase in ultraviolet solar radiation. If we add to that tobacco, alcohol and stress, we have all the ingredients for an acceleration of skin aging. If it is not possible to act on all environmental factors, we can nevertheless protect our epidermis thanks to vitamin E or tocopherol.

  • Vitamin E can be taken orally but also used locally. There are several forms of vitamin E, and to differentiate them we precede the term tocopherol with a Greek letter (alpha, beta, gamma, delta). Quality creams contain tocopherol, but without specifying the exact nature of this tocopherol. Most of the time it is synthetic alpha-tocopherol, which is intended more to protect the active ingredients of the cream than the skin itself. However, it is not precisely this variety of vitamin E which is active in pollution, what is more when it is synthetic. Various scientific studies have in fact shown that the most effective among the various vitamins E is natural gamma-tocopherol : it is specific for the prevention of the harmful effects of pollution on the epidermis.

The Recommendations

So, if it is recommended during a physical activity in times of pollution to use a vitamin E cream daily, it is preferable that it is a cream containing gamma-tocopherol. Otherwise it is possible to add the contents of a capsule of a food supplement rich in natural vitamins E, in particular gamma-tocopherol.

For my part, as a dermatologist I recommend using OemineE : each capsule contains wheat germ oil and the 4 tocopherols, including nearly 8 mg of gamma-tocopherol. You can pierce the capsule and add it to the day cream. In times of pollution you can also swallow one to two capsules per day of this 100% natural Oemine E supplement.

The action of pollution on the skin is manifested by the appearance of heliodermia. As its name suggests, this pathology is primarily secondary to the harmful action of ultraviolet (UVA). But it is also linked to urban pollution, in particular by diesel nanoparticles, sulfur dixodyde, etc. It results in the appearance of spots on the skin, which will later become crusty, while the skin becomes thinner and begins to wrinkle. Pollution also acts on the subcutaneous tissue, causing tissue loosening and a decrease in volume.


To overcome this, it is possible to use creams rich in natural vitamins, such as for example OemineDerm cream or Oemine-BIO Multivitamin cream, which are certified organic and rich in natural vitamins A, E and C. And on dark spots or keratoses, it is also possible to apply one to two capsules of Oemine E locally, as mentioned above. It is then necessary to pierce the capsule and apply its content in a gentle massage on each spot. We can of course also incorporate this product directly into the day cream. You can have these creams with the use of iherb 折扣碼 .