Best Media sharing app for Android TV

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This is not an ordinary media sharing application via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is a different type of application built for different purpose. You can create your own list of files that can access all around the world using this application. It is Filelinked. Filelinked was first introduce to share any file you want with any device easily using the internet. Sharing is done by 8-digit code called Filelinked code. More details will be described later in this article.How Filelinked work? First you have to create and account on Filelinked dashboard. Using dashboard create your first Filelinked store. Every filelinked store has Filelinked code. You can make your store private with a password or public. Now add any type of file you want. You can create your own collection of photos, videos, music or apps. Many used to create collection of favorite Android TV apps and games. You can share store code with anyone to access files you added to your store. You can password protect your store if you want. You can share your file collection with a friend who is far away from home too.Many used to create collection of all the Android TV apps and games want to install on their Android TV box. Because play store does not have all the required apps. People download many free Movies and TV shows apps from internet. When you want to reset your Android TV box, it is hard to find each and every app from internet to install them again. So, people add each and every Android app they want for Filelinked store. You can easily restore your Android TV box with all the apps and games with Filelinked.
Many YouTubers used to maintain popular Android TV app stores via Filelinked. Once they make a video about an Android TV app, they publish their store code to fans. It guarantees that their fans install the correct app. Now Filelinked used as an Android app store rather than a store for images, videos and music. It is like AC Market for Android phones and tablets. If you want a real Android TV app store, you can try using Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV is the Android TV version of Aptoide app store.Aptoide TV has all most all the Android TV apps and games for free. Best and easiest way to install any Android app or game on Android TV boxes including Shield TV, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX, Mi TV Stick, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube and all.Android TV boxes tends to lost it performance with the reduce of storage space and increase of installed apps. You can install any performance booster application like NOX Cleaner, Clean Master for free using Filelinked or Aptoide TV.