Aerospace engineer- is it a right profession for you?

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Aerospace engineering is a wonderful profession, both inside and out. But in order to get hired in any of the aerospace companies as an engineer, the candidate needs to have proper logical and analytical skills. How will you understand whether this profession is suitable for you or not? To know this, you need to have an idea on the job description.

Things to expect from an aerospace engineer job:

An aerospace engineer needs to take a wide range of responsibilities. The job tasks include- design, development and to test the new aviation products and the already existing aircrafts. The activities and job specifications will depend on his personal abilities, qualifications and expertise. However, some of the essential duties include:

  • Developing design creations and research
  • applying technology and science application in order to build new components and to support use of equipment that needs to be used in the aerospace projects
  • Project proposals evaluation in order to understand whether they are technically and financially feasible
  • Creating project plans using CAD software
  • To establish quality standards, procedures of design, and sustainment after process of delivery
  • Solving problems and issues related to the aerospace project designs , testing and development
  • Inspection of the completed projects to make sure that they uphold the standards
  • Inspection of the malfunction or the damaged projects and to identify the defects and the solutions for the same.
  • Finding strategies and solutions for performance improvement and the aircraft safety.
  • Regular inspection of the aircraft as one of the main duties of aerospace companies
  • Investigate the accidents related to the aircraft to find out the reasons for its occurrence.

Work Environment

The aerospace engineers usually work in an office and makes use of software tools and computer. Sometimes, they also need to work on field in order to investigate flight accidents and flight test programs. Sometimes the engineers may also need to travel outside the country.  Though the working environment is not at all stressful but they have to face a lot of pressure to meet our deadlines.

Working Schedule

The engineers in many of the aerospace companies work from 9am to 5pm. However, the experiences engineers may need to devote few more hours for project supervision and to design the standards. They do not work till late of the night on public holidays or on weekends. Usually, it is the employer that decides on the working schedule.

Apart from this, in order to be an engineer in one of the aerospace companies, the candidate needs to have degrees in computer science, aerospace engineering, mechanical and software engineering, physics and applied physics.

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