Advertising – Various modes of building brand identity

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Imagine you passing through a road, and looking at the billboards all over! What you are looking at it is actually the effort of a business owner towards creating a brand identity. The businesses make use of visuals, unique fonts, a tagline and above all, various signs for telling the world their vision through these properties. All these are known as advertising merchandise. The effort can be as subtle as simply creating a neon sign using the first letter of the brand ( who does not remember M sign of McDonalds?) or it can be as aggressive as buying media of all types and being present wherever there consumers are. The very idea of advertising is to draw the audience through constant reminding about the existence of the brand and compelling them to try the offering at least once. Repeat buying is certainly the bonus earned off the advertising efforts.

Modes of advertising

There are various modes through which the businesses can create indelible impression on the minds of the end consumers. Listed here are some of the most popular advertising ideas that are known to have everlasting impact:

A. Neon Signs: To begin with, every business needs a work address. And it is important to make people aware of this business address too. So, they make use of neon signs to indicate their presence. Some put the neon signs at a place comfortably visible to all the passers-by; others make use of existing direction indicators to show their location. Bringing people to the actual point of selling is one of the various objectives that neon signs help with.

Neon sign can be a full-fledged board made of wood, acrylic, glass, plastic or fiber. It can also be simply the brand name carved and illuminated in certain font. Businesses also create neon signs that are simply their tag lines, thus, helping the audience connect better with the brand vision. Thus, brand positioning objectives can be met to a large extent with the help of neon signs.

B. Merchandise and Stationery: Businesses having high budget for advertising penetrate deeper into the audience through merchandise like t-shirts, pens, caps, backpacks and so on. Movie makers, zoo owners, sports marketers, etc. are some of the promoters who need cashing the popularity in a short span of time. Thus, they register their presence everywhere through the things of common use. People, too keen on showing their interests and likings, buy these merchandise to show their loyalty towards the ideas and give the business lot of publicity in return.

C. Pamphlets and brochures: As a part of print advertising; these properties reach the audience right at their doorsteps. The sales and promotion executives are hired to distribute pamphlets at the place witnessing mammoth gathering. Thus, the word is spread to the relevant audience. Charity events, trade fairs, fun events are some of the places where these are used in large numbers. More aggressive promotes start door-to-door campaign, too, using these properties.

D. E-mailers and social media: No promotion is complete without the mention of email marketing these days. The online world is active all the 24 hours and the consumers are at digital platforms in large numbers. Thus, online ways of marketing has its own special place in the area of brand building. Users of e-mails, social media are given information about what they are searching for through relevant posts. There is lot of consumer research involved in finding what interests customers. Bridging the gap between expectations and product features is done through product prototyping and making the consumer comfortable with the idea of using the product is the prerogative of offline and online marketers. The e-mailers and social media posts including blogs are the online neon signs that help in brand image building.

E. Corporate responsibility initiatives: Giving back to the society with the help of charity and uplifting of downtrodden is another strategy that connects businesses with common people in positive way. The initiatives taken for bringing difference in the society and being vocal about it by talking at seminars and summits help in building a good brand image.

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