8 Tips How To Use Christmas Lights For Halloween

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Halloween and Christmas are two of the most exciting holidays every year! While these two holidays are so close to each other, everyone can agree that these are very different, which makes decorating your home for both a bit challenging.

Well, if you’re here then you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to use Christmas lights for Halloween. The short answer is yes! Here are 8 quick and spooky tips to help you with Christmas lights installation for Halloween.

Choose the right light color

Much like Christmas lights installation, Halloween is also about choosing the right color. Obviously, orange, green, and purple are the way to go.

Be sure to play with the shadows

When it comes to Christmas lights installation, be sure to play with the shadows. These can easily be done by placing your lights very low to the ground while facing upward. It could be toward a wall or a Halloween decoration. If you have tombstones lying around your front yard, use this technique to add a more eerie vibe.

Light your pumpkins

If you have the habit fo carving out pumpkins every Halloween, then it would be a shame if no one sees them once the sun goes down. Make use of any warm or orange string of lights to highlight the scary faces of your pumpkins!

Outline your front door

You can outline your door with orange or purple lights to call on trick-or-treaters! Creating a pathway is also an added bonus! This creates the aesthetic of a spooky landing strip.

Use eerie lights to turn your front lawn into a graveyard

You can use light stakes to illuminate your front yard-turned-graveyard. If you connect these stakes with tiny strings of lights, it will look like a fence. On another note, you can also use purple strings of lights to create spider webs. This will definitely complete the look!

Don’t neglect those clear or white lights

You can repurpose those Christmas clear or white lights by putting them under colored fabrics. This will help you achieve a muted effect, which would go great on the front porch of your house. If you have a private haunted house where friends can come in and explore, you can use these lights to decorate a glass block complete with a spooky face.

Replace porch lights with colored bulbs

A red porch light is an excellent way to give off that spooky witch vibe for trick-or-treaters! You can also change the bulbs on your porch to orange ones, a classic Halloween shade!

Use Halloween path lights

Lastly, to complete your Halloween decor, create path lights by putting lanterns (the creepy ones, of course!) on the ground. This will help your guests see where they are going and avoid tripping over your decorations or cords.

Let your creative juices flow during this Halloween season. Just because lights installation is much known for Christmas doesn’t mean that you can not use them to achieve a spooky Halloween aesthetic for your home!

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