7 Gorgeous Toys for Your Little Girl on Her Birthday

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Shopping for kid’s birthday gifts is cool when parents choose educational and learning toys rather than fat brain toys. Choosing for your 1 year old girl would be a little challenging. However, it is not difficult if you know all about the toy’s features and prices. Coupon.ae provides quick assistance so the parents can shop favorite toys for little girl. Grab an I’occitane Promo Code with the support of Coupon.ae team online. This enables parents to shop baby gifts such as toys, strollers, chairs, tables and more at highly discounted prices. Let’s explore some ideal gifts for the little girls on their birthdays.

Personalized Name Puzzle:

Usually, this puzzle game is a favorite of kids around 3-4 years of age but the little girls can also make interest in it. Personalized name puzzle is a fun game. It helps children learn their name spelling in an encouraging logic. It also improves the fine motor skill, self-esteem, spell & name recognition and encouragement to do something.


Most parents don’t like plastic toys especially if coming with unknown materials. The Dimple is a safe toy because of its ABS plastic frame. These five silicone bubbles are fascinating. These are available in different attractive colors & sizes. Buy this simple toy with I’occitane Promo Code online and save more money.


This is among the best rated toys in 2020. These are 6 chunky blocks with fascinating textures and these are good for finger thrill. What is the best part of this toy? These cubes spark when kids push with an elastic band. This creates curiosity and kids enjoy.


This delivers an outstanding entertainment to kids. This toy is best for little girls as well as boys. Remember, the young kids are just learning about the toys. A toy must be attractive and attention-grabbing so it keeps the baby engaged. Klickity is the best choice for these kids. They will push, click, spin, rattle and explore other vivid textures. This is a brilliant style to captivate the kids.


This toy is a spinning item. It lets the babies play with different patterns. This is an ideal toddler stacking toy providing a vibrant disc. The toy will continue spinning for longer and the kids will enjoy this. It is a fun watch. Imagine the enjoyment your toddlers will get.

Stack-A Doodles:

Do you remember the Google Doodle? It is something different than it. Buy these pieces and fit them to make a special Matryoshka doll. It is also easy to stack them in order to make skyscrapers. The kids will learn developing several structures. Parents should encourage them to make various items. See latest updates about I’occitane Promo Code on Coupon.ae for further discounts on toys.

Suction Kupz:

These are 6 colorful cups (Squishy) with suction feature. Apply the suction and the top and bottom of the cups will remain keep opening. This is a huge fun and your kids will definitely laugh while seeing multiple colors blossoming like beautiful flowers.