5 Experiments That Are Okay to Make in Your Rummy Game

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Experiments are unique instruments to find out new insights on the existing phenomenon, people, and things. In fact, they have brought us many new offerings throughout history. Therefore, experiments in a rummy game can help you learn new things about the game, especially the strategies that work in your favour. Now, you may be worried about the possible effect of experiments on the outcome of your game.

It is obvious to worry about experimenting in rummy when you have best practices, tips, and tricks by experts for playing rummy in the best way possible. However, you need to note that almost every player aspiring to play rummy will follow the best practices and tips. So, you can ensure a better chance of winning by trying something new and different. As they say, ‘higher the risk, the better are your chances at winning.’

Let us find out the types of experiments you can try in a game of rummy.

  1. Retain High-value Cards

Generally, experts recommend that players should discard the high-value cards as soon as possible in a rummy game. However, you can hold on to the high-value cards, in contrast to the general assumption. Players can try this experiment when they need only one high-value card for melding a pure sequence. For example, if you have the Jack and Queen of Clubs, you can hold on to them and wait for the King of Clubs. On the other hand, you should refrain from waiting for the perfect card to meld sequence with high-value cards.

  1. Go with the Flow

Sometimes you can try to play along with the flow of a game of rummy. This experiment generally involves entering a game without any pre-defined strategy. You can change your plan according to the moves of the opponent, thereby leaving little room for the opponent to anticipate your game. This experiment can also help you cope effectively when your opponent suddenly changes his/her gameplay and strategies.

  1. Discard Low-value Cards

While discarding high-value cards is a recommended move, you can try discarding low-value cards as an experiment. However, you need to use this experiment only for tricking your opponent into discarding cards that you may need. For example, if you have 3, 4 and 6 of clubs, then you can discard the 6 of clubs. As a result, the opponent would think that you don’t need the 5 of clubs and discard it eventually.

  1. Don’t Quit the Game

Another experiment that you could try in a game of rummy is to not quit. Experts recommend quitting a game if you are not having a good day with the cards. However, you need to know that rummy is a game of ups and downs. Try to take some risk and strategically turn the game in your favour by playing with the poorly dealt cards too. This trick can help you in developing resilience, and you can learn a useful rummy trick of turning the odds in your favour.

  1. Play Hide and Seek

Look for times when the opponent is picking cards only from the open deck for another experiment in a rummy game. In such scenarios, the opponent is desperate to get specific cards, and you can use this chance to your benefit. Try picking up cards from the open deck and closed deck alternatively to confuse the opponent that you are about to win. Subsequently, your opponent may play the wrong cards and even better, make an erroneous declaration.


Therefore, we can clearly notice that experiments in a game of rummy aim primarily on confusing the opponent. You can try the experiments mentioned above and find a new approach to enjoy playing rummy right now!