11 Items To Help You Tell Everyone This Holiday Season That You’re Engaged

You meet someone. You fall in love with them. You share your ups and downs. Then you decide to get married and settle down. One of the most exciting parts of your “road to marriage” phase is to announce your engagement to your loved ones. Some couples do this by hosting a dinner, while others opt to send out engagement ornaments.

If you’re the type of couple who’ll most likely choose the latter, then this blog is for you. In this article, we are giving you 11 item suggestions to help you tell everyone this holiday season that you’re already engaged and ready to share a lifetime.

Engaged ornament with heart. This ornament and gift item features an animated couple depicting the act of getting engaged with a bright red heart in their background.

Engaged snow couple ornament. Perfect for the holiday season, the snow couple ornament has two dolled-up snowmen, smiling as they hold an engagement ring box together.

Engaged snowman ornament with ring. A variation of the abovementioned ornament, this one also has a Christmas tree in the background to complete the holiday vibes of the decorative display.

Engaged bears ornament. If you’re looking for other cutesy engagement ornaments, choosing this one is never a wrong decision. With engaged bears holding a ring together, this decorative piece screams romance and pure good vibes.

Holding hands ornament. This is an ornament that shines the spotlight on one of the most simple yet sweetest gestures of love — holding someone’s hands. This is sure to bring warmth to the rather wintry weather of the holiday season.

Engagement ring in open box ornament. This is something that beautifully captures the image of being engaged. A ring is displayed in the center of an opened box, complete with a sculpted ribbon that can be personalized by engraving the names of the soon-to-be-married lovebirds.

Tabletop frame with an engagement ring. An ornament on the grander side, this functions both as a photo frame and a way to announce a couple’s engagement.

She said yes! Ornament. Straightforwardly designed, this ornament is also a popular choice among couples announcing their engagement. It also features a ring that can be engraved with the date of the engagement.

We’re engaged ornament with heart and ring. Another ornament that’s also straight to the point, this customizable piece has the words “We’re engaged” sculpted in a cursive manner — making it simple yet utterly striking.

Engaged 2019 ornament with hearts. This one is meant to share with the world that you became engaged in the year 2019. Simple yet elegant, this sparkly ornament is decked out with hearts to complete the romantic aura it gives off.

Celebration champagne ornament. If there’s one awesome symbol for celebration, it’s champagne. Holiday season or not, this is a great way to say cheers to the good news. As one of the more popular engagement ornaments, this features a bottle of champagne, with two glasses — both ready to be customized with the couple’s names.

If you’re looking for ways to tell everyone about your engagement, we have a ton of engagement ornaments you can choose from at Ornaments With Love. Check us out today!

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